Currently, our projects in the mining sector are based on monitoring all processes and sections related to production efficiency and fuel consumption in the mining sector. Our goal is to analyze, target and improve the productivity and efficiency problems in the mining sector by doing data analysis with our monitoring systems and provide a solution to our clients. 


We capture all information upon a digital platform and create reporting tools to improve data analysis. In most cases, the information is currently captured manually or using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags upon a digital platform. We strive to automate all the capturing processes to ensure better reliability and sustainability of captured data. The reporting tools help to make quick and precise decisions and to report on current delays in the system or predicted future obstacles.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Currently, we are busy testing IoT devices to implement on all the different types and brands of mining machines to improve the automation of data capturing on all the processes that are found within the mining industry. This will provide data from all the different types of brands of machines without any signal disturbances and cost implications.


Crownhill provides continuous maintenance to our clients and our products. This gives our clients the insurance that our products will stay up to date, functional and will continuously improve.


We provide training on-site to ensure that our products are capable of being utilized to its full potential and that our clients save cost and improve efficiency and productivity. Our products are user-friendly towards all educational and skill levels regarding the use of technology.